The Art of Scanning


Thomas W McDonnell

New large ones 2011

The large ones 2009

This example is very illustrative of my experiences scanning in the world.  I was outside a local coffee shop, when a man came out to ask what I was doing (the scanner attracts a lot of attention.)  I explained that I was making images with a scanner.  As I explained the process, I told him that I was experimenting with mixing close up images with more distant ones.  as I explained this I brought the scanner close to my face, and then pulled it away again.  I then brought it close to his face, and then again pointed it at myself.  the image tells this story from left to right.  The clear figure of the man as he approaches me leads to the blurred image of myself.  Then once again, a clear image of the man, then back to a distorted image of me.  My favorite part of this process is the fact that my subjects determine their own shape by how they move.  Children understand this immediately.  Adults take a bit of convincing.

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