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Go there to read news, see what's up in the scannography world. ANd feel free to inform me by mail if you think I should add things there…
The scannography blog

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Christian Staebler

That's me, the webmaster of this site. I have my own site where I show illustrations, graphical creations, music… and scannography !

• Patri Feher

Patri is maybe the most active to make this new technic known. Her site is a treasure of tips and tricks. A great thanks to her, for all the help, advices and support.

Flick'r group
On Flick'r (the site for sharing photos) a few groups are devoted to scannography, this one of the most interesting of them

• Pinterest
Find lot's of scannographies on this site devoted to images and sharing images…

The UBC Botanical Garden
The Vancouver Botanical Garden has a wonderfull site where you can learn whatever you want about plants and flowers…

Links for helpfull friends

Johannes Roussel (for the great help on some scripts !!)





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about scannography

Discover a scannographer group on Redbubble
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A site for other sites, it's always good to get help from big brothers : 

A critical and complete french site devoted to photo. Here you have all news, interviews, techniques…
Photo-scope >

Photography sites is devoted to all kind of photo sites and proposes very superb selection of pages for all image lovers

Photography Forums


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