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Scannography books

By: Werner Abel, Nardelli Verlag, 2011

This book is in german but presents a complet range of the possibilities of simple flat-bed scanner. With nice examples created by the author and loic progression through the creation process. A final chapter presenting diverse artists from all over the world (amongst them Patri Feher, Matus, Chris Staebler, Jaime Ruas and others…)

Erste Versuche
Anfänge des Scanografie
Multitalent Flachbettscanner
Die Technik
Flache Objekte scannen
Tiefe Objekte scannen
Scanning und Bildbearbeitung

ISBN: 978-3-9814616-0-2

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The Magic Of Digital Close-Up Photography
By: Meehan, Joseph, Larks Books, 2006

Part of this book is devoted to Scanning.  Below are the most relevant chapters:
A Scanner Overview 
Scanning Reflective Art
Basic Technique for Using a Flatbed Scanner
Using Your Flatbed Scanner as a Close-up Camera
Experiment with Light
Lighting and Color Correction
A Few Tips
Selecting a Backdrop
Organic Studies
The Black-and-White Scan Photography of Joanne Urban
Copy Stands and Copy Close-Up Techniques
Camera vs. Scanner

ISBN: 9781579906528
ISBN: 1579906524 (pbk.)

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Basic scanning guide for photographers
and other creative types

By: Sheppard, Rob.

Designed to help photographers understand how a scanner works and how best to use one, this book offers advice on what to look for when purchasing a scanner and tips on achieving high-quality results. Covering the basic terminology of scanning, this book also discusses various types of scanners and what additional equipment is needed to set up one at home. 100 photos. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

Publication info: Buffalo, N.Y : Amherst Media, 2001.
ISBN: 1584280395 (pbk.)

How to do everything with your scanner
Huss, David.

Technical Information on scanners and scanning
Discover all the basics about your scanner, then put it to work with help from this step-by-step resource. Author Dave Huss looks at how and why scanning works, and examines many ways you can maximize the scanner you already own. Learn to use all your scanner's features. Explore graphic concepts including color correction, resolution, and image optimizing -- plus, repair and preserve scanned documents and more. How to Do Everything with Your Scanner is filled with projects, resources, ideas, and simple instructions to help you get the most from your scanner for home or business use. Book jacket. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

Edition: 2nd ed. Publication info: Berkeley, Calif. London : Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 2003. I
SBN: 0072228911 (pbk.)





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